Gank Me will return

I can see from my poll that Gank Me is winning in the popularity contest by a literal landslide! Anyway…I am still going to finish up chapter 1 of B vs B though it does end with a bit of a question at the end and then Gank Me will come back with a vengeance in all it’s stupid shiny glory. My original plans for issue 6 have changed so I have like oh…8 pages of comics either sketched or inked that I won’t be using officially but I’ll still post them most likely. They don’t have any boning so I doubt anybody mourns their loss.Wish I could update more but the new full time gig keeps me busy busy busy, and most of my time not at work is spent being stylist and fashion designer to my fav gothpunk model. What can I say, dressing up real hotties usually trumps drawing fake ones right now.

Here’s sort of my map of whats’ going on in the future for those of you who care (under the cut)

Come for the honor, stay for the orgy

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