Flat coloring sucks



Working on flat coloring the first 9 pages I’ve done of the next issue, Gank Me! Party Down. I started drawing this thing mayble three years ago and it sat on my hard drive while I did other things. Now I have to remember how to draw and art and color wtf. So yeah, this issue will not have the fancy ass coloring style of Issue 5. You five will just have to learn to love anime cel shading¬† while I remember what to do. This issue will have Moon “white lightning”‘s real accent and much stupidity.¬† Oh yeah Gank me! Issue 1 gallery is up working now. Slowly adding all the previous issues to galleries, assuming I can find all the pictures. I’ve lost most everything from Repo-man, so if anybody has it downloaded…shoot me a message >.> hard drive, why you eat my stuff?!