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I haven’t drawn anything in 2 years, besides y’know like costume stuff so starting out reinking an issue of stupid stupidness that’s most plot (I know wtf plot?!) but lots of chair fucking and drunken over the edge of a bar action. Cutting out most of the plot honestly, nobody cares lets be real. While I get my sea legs again I’ll post my sketches too in a “sketchy mc sketch crap” gallery and work back up to. The next issue isn’t going to have the style that issue 5 did but I have to get back to it. And yes there will be some panda girls. I have some goofy short actually funny comics in the notebook to scan and ink in. Originally had like three pages of fights but come on…nobody is here for fights. SO breaking down what happened on one page of pinup sexposition later.

Gank Me will return

I can see from my poll that Gank Me is winning in the popularity contest by a literal landslide! Anyway…I am still going to finish up chapter 1 of B vs B though it does end with a bit of a question at the end and then Gank Me will come back with a vengeance in all it’s stupid shiny glory. My original plans for issue 6 have changed so I have like oh…8 pages of comics either sketched or inked that I won’t be using officially but I’ll still post them most likely. They don’t have any boning so I doubt anybody mourns their loss.Wish I could update more but the new full time gig keeps me busy busy busy, and most of my time not at work is spent being stylist and fashion designer to my fav gothpunk model. What can I say, dressing up real hotties usually trumps drawing fake ones right now.

Here’s sort of my map of whats’ going on in the future for those of you who care (under the cut)

Come for the honor, stay for the orgy

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Gank Me Issue 3-6

Dante shows Gally how sex demons like Succubi and Incubi go on the hunt! If you think that a sexy spike tailed tart could charm anybody and everybody…well not everyone is into sexy chicks! Thus I figure any good sex demon should be able to do some basic gender shape shifting, if not full on look change to charm their prey like in traditional myth. Yeah yeah, not WoW canon but neither is crazy fucking in game or people with more than four hairstyles mmmkaaay?!

Keep an eye on this’s kind of an important one.