iFAQ (infrequently)asked questions


Why only updating one every few months now girl?! You slacker!
Real life is kicking my ass. After a 14 hour shift with no break all I want to do is drink booze out of a coffee mug and smoke a cigar while glaring at the neighbors while my two micro dogs piss on the azaleas. It’s how I roll.

What do you use to make the comic?
Sometimes I sketch out pages on scrap paper and scan it after the cat has horribly mauled the corners but most of the time I just sketch it out the photoshop, ink in illustrator and color in photoshop. All of my planning is on scrap crap (old charts, old notebook, margins of ER reports, post its, bathtub wall with kiddie markers…) The first three issues of GM were drawn and inked by hand, with quill pens on a goddamn lightbox bitches! But alas nobody liked that natural look so instead I do a “paintbrush” ink look on the computer to be a total douche and people like it better. Still use the same tablet I’ve had since 09 after my old horse from 04 gave up the ghost. No I have no intention of upgrading; if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and no casual artist needs a Cintiq anyway! Will I ever go back to ink pens? I’d like to but the internet has spoken, if it’s not Disney smooth and cyber nobody reads it.

Do you do anything besides draw these horrible porn comics?
Yes, I draw a horrible steampunk comic too! And design equally bad cosplay and make it. I know right? So much fail!


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