Gank Me “Issue 6” is more of a…

Well it’s not the best way to describe what’s coming up. I’m labeling the files “issue 6” but said issue….only tags the setting as it were. Think of all the quests in a particular area, that’s this. This is the Grizzley Hills, The Zangermarsh, the “insert favorite WoW area” quest as it were. In this quest set there will be a couple different adventures. The first two are set at the Pandarian Adventuers Expo with Moon and Resari, another in a Pandarian Inn with Gally and Dante and…friends….and finally the life of the silk seller with Alvar and Chirara the monk. Lots of quests!


Things are slow as the nly thing I can draw at work are backgrounds, face sketches, and roughly written plots which I can’t read later due to my handwriting from hell.

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