Image To come

I haven’t drawn anything in 2 years, besides y’know like costume stuff so starting out reinking an issue of stupid stupidness that’s most plot (I know wtf plot?!) but lots of chair fucking and drunken over the edge of a bar action. Cutting out most of the plot honestly, nobody cares lets be real. While I get my sea legs again I’ll post my sketches too in a “sketchy mc sketch crap” gallery and work back up to. The next issue isn’t going to have the style that issue 5 did but I have to get back to it. And yes there will be some panda girls. I have some goofy short actually funny comics in the notebook to scan and ink in. Originally had like three pages of fights but come on…nobody is here for fights. SO breaking down what happened on one page of pinup sexposition later.

Repairs and redups

So we are on the case of the missing comic files and other fuckatude! I’m in the process of working on new comics while my magic engineer is trying to fix the page. We’re thinking leaving the comicpress format and going to blog + galleries for each comic. What do you think? What would you like to see? Would you rather have a gallery page for a comic that you can click through or do you like it like mainstream comics? We’re going to pretty much have to rebuild from the ground up (thanks wordpress >.<) so let us know! New comics coming up towards end of march yo!

Where you been?!



To the few of you who still visit waiting for an update (I’m working on it trust me!) here’s finally why I haven’t been drawing much for the past year or updated much in the porno world. Found out this year that I have Lupus.  Due to this my hands go cold and numb quite often making it hard to draw. In the small amount of time I have where I can feel my fingers I’ve been spending it sewing. Not sure how long I’ll be able to sew and do cosplay or be very physically active so I’m trying to get in as much as possible. I’ve also made a lot of new real life friends, almost off of which would not understand drawing porn as a hobby while making crazy costumes is alright. My teenage apprentices in sewing can share my love of costumes, not my love of elf gangbangs. I’ve scripted out and planned the next four issues and a steampunk porno but there is a leg from typing to drawing. Because I’ve been out of the drawing game for so long I’m slow and my skills aren’t….as sharp as they once were. I’m working on getting back into it, I really am. I have 13 pages of rough sketches and inks for the old Gank Me 6 which I’ll post for you guys with text since even if it’s not colored it’s still stupid. Thanks for your patience! –Moonpie

Tis Con Season!

It’s that time of year where I don’t have any time to draw as I’ll be sewing and building like crazy for this year’s cosplay season. I have 5 outfits to make including a replica of The Tiger Dress from Seven Year Itch to pound out by June 21 but after that it’ll be back to drawing again!

BTW it has come to my attention that my site isn’t viewable on Opera. Fine on any other browser but that.

You better beware…

So one of my friends asked me like ages ago, what sort of voice to I picture for certain characters when I’m drawing them. Gee what are the odds that Caleb Hyles (Alvar) and Indina Menzel (Swan) happen to be in one video.


Going back to drawing (Badly)

Brass vs Blue completed and Gank Me to return!

brass vs blue
Brass vs blue page map

End of Brass vs Blue! Finally getting a break to work on things now that I’m not spending every free day on the road. Going to try and do more Gank Me in between work, classes, modeling, cosplay and so the art quality probably isn’t going to be quite so fancy pants as issue 5 was but you three don’t care right?